NEWS 2012


It is time. The river has overflowed its bank here in Scandinavia and we have now moved a part of our activities to Los Angeles, California. Primarily we are trying to find a market for our own-developped tv-concepts there, but it also goes the other way around. As of the fall 2013 we will go back to Los Angeles to produce a 10-part series about wild, roaring, Hollywood animals. For Danish TV. Oh yes, Hollywood still enchants even the Northerners.


March next year marks the launch of Danish Broadcast Corporations first tween-channel (tv channel for teenagers) called Ultra. Highwire was asked to produce an identity for the channel that will run all night, is crazy and unpredictable but still suitable for teenagers. We have developped a Lynch-esque surveillance universe for DR Ultra that is long, big and empty – except for a few glimpse of pure genius. Watch it over and over again from March 3rd 2013.


Our nationwide series on DR1 “Rod i Familien” are turning out to be quite succesfull. More than 35 percent of all the Danes were watching last night and that makes us proud that a series with such serious and relevant content are seen by that many people? Go home, reality-tv, the real world is much more exiting!


Psyched to announce the dawning of a new partnership with Google. Last night we produced and webcasted the annual fashion award show Modeblogprisen 2012 for the guys at Google and that was really interesting. Definately not the last time we do a 5 camera award show and livecast it over the internet. What brave new technology , who needs a tv?


We are finally proud to announce our very first children TV show, produced exclusively for Danish Broadcast Corporations kids channel Ramasjang. It is a series called Emilys Food Mysteries and show the young generation where our (organic) food comes from exactly and how the kids get the most out of it at the family dinner. Learn about food origin and kitchen behavior when the series premieres sometime in December 2012